Garden Secrets
By I'Lee Hooker
Edition of 150

Dimensions:  Box  (h) 4.75”  (w)3.75”

A twelve-page accordion fold book housed in a box of corrugated plastic.  Twelve scrolls in the bottom of the box tied with green ribbon. Leaves and flowers were scanned on an Epson Perfection 2450.  Formatted using Adobe Photoshop. Printed on Epson Velvet archival paper, using an Epson 2200 printer.

From the Introduction:

A couple of years ago I was out in the garden collecting plant samples to press and add to my pressed flower collection.  A computer expert was here helping my husband, Tony, calibrate the colors on his computer.  He took one look at my collection of plant material, tissues, stacks of old encyclopedias (for presses) and asked “why don’t you just scan the flowers in on your computer?”  With that little comment he opened my eyes to a whole new way of recording plants and flowers.  The 'secrets' have been gathered from a wide range of wise gardeners through out the ages."  

Gardening is an exercise in optimism. Sometimes, it is the triumph of hope over experience. 
~Mariana Schinz

When I was a boy, I thought scent was contained in dewdrops on flowers and if I got up very early in the morning I cold collect it and made perfume.
~Oscar De La Renta

I smelt the violets in her hand and asked, half in words half in sign, a question which meant: “Is love the sweetness of flowers?”
~Helen Keller

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