Botanical Images:
A Closer Look
Examining the Poppy
Examining the Poppy

A number of things have come together to inspire my work for my last two shows: Botanical Images, A Closer Look and Examining the Poppy. I have been a gardener for many years as well as a photographer of plants, gardens and wildlife.  My life as an artist has grown in tandem with my appreciation and curiosity of nature.

I have long been fascinated by 19th Century botanical illustrations.  These artists masterfully revealed the interior of flowers, exposing all the different parts of the plant in dissection. 

Using the scanner as a microscope I have been able to examine the flower with the eye of a scientist.  By greatly enlarging the floral images a surprisingly intimate view of the botanical make up is revealed. I find this view carries me into a new world where the flower becomes more abstract and stimulates my imagination in ways that I hadn’t previously considered.

All the digital images were scanned using an Epson scanner and processed in Adobe Photoshop.  They were printed on an Epson 9600 Printer on Hahnemuhle archival paper.

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